Climbing Expeditions Trekking Expedition on Aconcagua 6,962m

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€3190 per person
17 Days

Climbing the tallest peak of both Americas The top of Southern Hemisphere

Come with us to climb the tallest mountain of bothAmericas and southern Hemisphere. Aconcagua 6,962m is a mountain part of the famous circuit Seven Summits. Our expedition is custom made to make sure that everyone has a chance to summit. Our last expedition was a great success. From 10 people 9 of them managed to summit.
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What's included

Andes-Argentina Discover Andes-Argentina
Departure Location
Return Location
Romania or Home Town
Price includes
  • 18% VAT on tour fees & services
  • 4 Season mountain tents
  • Accommodation in lodges during the trek
  • Accommodation in tents during the trek
  • Airport - hotel - airport transfers
  • All Transfers
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner while on the mountain
  • Daily wages, insurance, clothes, food, shelter of staff and porters
  • English speaker Mountain Guide
  • Expedition High Altitude tents
  • Fair wages for the mountain crew
  • Full Board Meals
  • Hotel-Bed&Breakfast
  • Hut 3 Meals/day
  • Hut Accommodation
  • Local and Tourist taxes
  • Packed Meals
  • Passport Registration
  • Professional mountain guides, cooks and porters
  • Romanian Guides
  • Success Summit Certificates
  • Transport to & from hotel
  • Transportation to & from the mountain gate
  • Visa arrangements
Price does not include
  • Domestic and international air fare
  • Extra nights
  • Filtered water throughout the trek
  • Inssurance
  • National Park permit for climbing
  • Personal clothing and equipment
  • Personal expenses
  • Respective expenses if one returns earlier from the trip due to sickness or emergency purpose
  • Services not specifically stated in the itinerary
  • Single accomodation
Additional Prices
Once per year offer:

Join us in a Great Adventure

We invite you to participate in an extraordinary adventure on the highest peak in the Americas and the Southern Hemisphere, along with our Romanian guides.

Aconcagua (originally Cerro Aconcagua) is part of the Cordilleri Andes and is bordered by Valle de las Vacas valleys to the north and east and Valle de los Horcones Lower to the west and south. The mountain is part of the Parque Provincial Park of Aconcagua. It has a number of glaciers, of which the most massive are the Polish Glacier and the English Glacier. River Aconcagua springs from the southern slope and flows westward, spilling into the Pacific Ocean 20 km north of Valparaíso, Chile.


  • Day 1-2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
  • Day 5
  • Day 6
  • Days 7-8
  • Day 9
  • Day 10
  • Day 11
  • Day 12
  • Day 13
  • Day 14
  • Days 15-16
  • Day 17
Day 1-2

Arriving to Mendoza-Argentina

We will meet you at the airport in Mendoza and you will be transferred to our hotel. After check in, we will go with you to issue the Climbing permit and fee entrance in Aconcagua Park.

Preparing bags for next day departure.

Day 3

Bus to Penitentes 2600m

We take a 4h bus drive to Penintentes where we will accommodate to a Hut. Here we will prepare the bags that are going to be takes by mules to the Base Camp.

Day 4

On the way to Confluencia BC 3300m

Trekking a few hours thru the Horcones Valley reaching the Aconcagua Provincial Parque Gate and going forward to Confluencia Base 3300m where we will be accommodate in big tents.

Day 5

Acclimatization Day to Plaza Francia 4000m

This day is dedicated to acclimatization and we will walk for aprox. 8h up to Plaza Francia and will return back to Confluencia BC where we will sleep another night.

Day 6

Plaza de Mulas 4300m

We leave behind the Confluencia camp and after about 8 hours we reach the Tabara Plaza de Mulas (4300m). Here we find the heavy luggage brought by the cats and we make ourselves comfortable in the camp tents, then we present ourselves to the medical visit that is mandatory.


Days 7-8

Acclimatization at Base Camp 4300-4950m

These days are dedicated to acclimatization. Climb the Horcones Glacier (4500m) and the Bonete Peak (4920m). He's also sleeping in Plaza de Mulas.

Day 9

Alaska Camp 5350m

We left the morning to Alaska Camp (5350m) where we left some of the luggage and installed the altitude tents provided by us. We went down to the Plaza de Mulas where we were in camp tents. This "walk" takes about 8 hours. We're doing a medical visit tonight.


Day 10

Sleep at Alaska Camp

We're moving with the rest of the equipment at Alaska Camp where we get four hours' walk. We feed ourselves and prepare the tea for the day. Do not forget! For the best acclimatization you need to drink plenty of fluids every day!


Day 11

Colera Camp 5950m

We pack our luggage, get the tents and go to Camp Berlin (5930m) or Colera Colera (5950m). Creep time 7 hours. We install our tents and prepare the tea for the peak day !!!


Day 12


At 6 o'clock in the morning, we head to the top. We pass by Piedras Blancas (6050m) and Refugio Independencia (6350m). At Refugio Independencia we stop for hydration and attach our corners. We continue our ascent through Las Cuevas (6650m) at the base of the Canaletto, which is a culvert before the peak. With a lot of determination we head to the very coveted peak and after about 8 hours from departure we get Cerro Aconcagua (6962M) !!!

We take the top photos and go down to Camp Berlin in 4 hours where we stay at altitude tents.

Day 13

Heading down to BC

In the morning, we tighten our tents and equipment, and in 5-6 hours of trail we descend to the Plaza de Mulas where we sleep in camp tents. I will send the heavy equipment that goes down with the mules.

Day 14

Coming down to Penitentes

This will be a long day of 8 hours trekking down to Penitentes, where we will sleep over night and take back our bags from the mules.

Days 15-16

Back up Days for Whether

These days are offered as backup for whether windows. If we need to use these days in the Base Camp it will add an extra cost of 90$/day for each expedition participant. If we will use it in the hotel will be fully covered by the agency.

Day 17

Returning Home

You will be transfered from the hotel in Mendoza to the airport.

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More about this tour

List of INCLUDED things:

  • Experienced Romanian mountain guides for Aconcagua
  • Transfer to and from Mendoza Airport
  • Full board during trekking and B&B in the hotel
  • High altitude food for climbing days(dryfood-also vegetarian)
  • 3* hotel in Mendoza
  • Transfer Mendoza-Penitentes-Mendoza
  • Hut accommodation in Penitentes
  • Transfer Penitentes-Horcones-Penitentes
  • Hut accommodation at Penitentes
  • Transfer with mules of baggage to Penitentes
  • 2 Nights at Confluencia Hut
  • 4 Nights at Plazza de Mullas
  • Kitchen/dinning Tent
  • High altitude tents
  • Advisory regarding equipment
  • Support in obtaining Climbing Permit
  • radio communication stations


Not included things:

  • international air tickets
  • climbing permit(aprox 600$)
  • personal rescue insurance
  • personal equipment
  • porter from BC up
  • other personal expenses


  • The all inclusive itinerary is valid for 16 days, although the expedition is for 18 days. The 2 extra days are added for the whether window. In case we are forced to stay 2 extra days in BC the cost for 3 meals and bed will be 90$/day and will be paid to our provider by  every participant to the expedition.
  • From base camp to the upper camps the food will be offered for free but all the participant has to contribute at carrying their food and water melting devices, as well their personal equipment.
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Expedition on Aconcagua 6,962m

€3190 per person
17 Days

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