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All of our guides are governmental certified mountain guides with a very vast experience in mountaineering expeditions, climbing, trekking, safari and other adventure tours.


On a good guide relies the good result of an expedition or adventure tour, that is why we choose carefully our guides. Safety of our clients is our main goal, but as well the quality of the tour and the summit success of our clients. Our services are client focused and that is the reason 99% of our clients reviews are excellent!
The Founder Radu Albu
Radu Albu is the Founder of our company. He is a certified mountain guide in charge with the sector of high altitude expeditions and General Directing.
Deputy Director Radu Turta
Radu Turta is a certified mountain guide and he is in charge with the high altitude expeditions and trekking tours. Also he substitute the attributions of Mr Radu Albu.
Climbing Dept. Barni Kocsis
Barni Kocsis is an amazing climber and a certified mountain guide. He is in charge with the climbing courses dept: rock and ice climbing.
Head of Himalaya Suvash Bagale
Mr. Suvash is the Manager of all our activities in the Himalayas. He is an excellent manager and the man that makes impossible possible.
Head of Africa Dennis Willibard
Mr. Denis is our Manager in the African sector for all the adventures on the continent: Kilimanjaro expeditions, safari tours etc.
Karakoram Head Ali Saltoro
Mr Ali Mohammad Saltoro works with us as a representative for all our activities and expeditions in Pakistan and The Karakoram Mountains.
Wide variety
We have the widest variety of adventure tours and expeditions in Romania.
Frequent Tours
Our Expeditions are not rare or based on group number. Ours are frequent and customizable.
All Continents
Our tours and expeditions are super flexible and are including all our Planet Continents.
Awesome Locations
With us you can enjoy adventure from the bottom of the see up to the Roof of the World.
Training Tourists
Our tours and expeditions are including FREE training recommendation programs.
Largest Agency
Extreme Expeditions is the largest adventure Agency in Romania and has huge resources.
We will not take you on an expedition just for money, we will consult you to choose the best tour that fit your skills.
Fair Prices
Our prices are FAIR and focused on safety, comfort and the success of the adventure tour.

One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things.


CRUNCHING THE NUMBERSExtremeExpeditions in numbers

First of all we are a team that does mountaineering with their hearts. All of our personel works with passion and treats mountains as hobby or professional sport (athletes) and not working just for money.
Client Satisfaction
Successfull travels
Countries Wordlwide
Would travel again

Our company provides expedition services all around the globe. We can set up your next mountain expedition in all major mountain chains such as: Himalaya, Karakoram, Caucasian mountains, Alps etc.

The team of our guides and sherpas is one of the greatest. We have guides and sherpas that reaching mountains such  Everest Summit or K2 every single year.

Our prices might not be the cheapest ones, but that is not because we are greedy. Safety and comfort of our clients during expeditions are the most important things to take care of. Our prices are flexible and might meet all the budgets of our clients.

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