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CRUNCHING THE NUMBERSExtreme Expeditions in numbers

Numbers are talking about us and what we do. We are very proud about every client and expedition that we hold. Our success is based on the commitment of our guides, quality of our services and kind of our clients.
Client Satisfaction
We want to be perfect but sometimes is impossible to achieve it. 98% of all clients thou had rated us as perfect Agency to travel with.
Adventurers Served
The list of our clients is enormous and we are very thankful for that. Our success is based on their choices.
Destinations Wordlwide
Our adventure tours are present on 7 continents in more de 20 countries.
Our list of accidents or casualties during expeditions is ZERO, and we aim to keep it like this.

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If your are an external Adventure Agency or a mountain guide and want to work with us, don't hesitate to contact us and send your intention.
Wide Variety
We have the widest variety of adventure tours and expeditions in Romania.
Frequent Tours
Our Expeditions are not rare or based on group number. Ours are frequent and customizable.
All Continents
Our tours and expeditions are super flexible and are including all our Planet Continents
Awesome Locations
With us you can enjoy adventure from the bottom of the sea up to the Roof of the World.
Training Tourists
Our tours and expeditions are including FREE training recommendation programs.
Largest Agency
Extreme Expeditions is the largest adventure Agency in Romania and has huge resources.
We will not take you on an expedition just for money, we will consult you to choose the best tour that fit your skills.
Fair Prices
Our prices are FAIR and focused on safety, comfort and the success of the adventure tour.

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